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Furry Flair-day Friends

Animals always know when you need a little extra love. My three crazy cats are no exception. Moreover, it's amazing how they often know which part of my body is hurting during a bad pain day and they'll snuggle up to or put one paw on that part in particular. Here's the run-down on this crazy animal pack.


Wyatt (the weird cat)

My giant fur baby - 14 pounds, 3 years old, long and lean. Sits with me through every single flair (for each disease)…he even escorts me to and from the bathroom. He's the sweetest boy and appropriately nicknamed "Wyatt the Weird Cat" due to his quirks:

  • Can immediately tell if a piece of fried chicken is from Popeye's or not. Can't identify any other chains, but hey - we cant all be purrfect.

  • Obsessed with shoes - loves to bring them to bed, put them by his water dish, and even stick both of his little paws in one single shoe (maybe he's just a tiny alien in a cat suit).

  • LOVES opening cabinets and dresser drawers but unlike other animals, he doesn't do it to personal gain. He only opens the pants dresser drawer and then proceeds to drag a pair to his water bowl and dunk a pair in (he can be vindictive). When he started to learn how to open cabinets, he's only open the ones I had just gone into making me think I was going crazy and just not closing cabinets anymore (caught him in the act one day and was stunned, doesn't take A SINGLE THING).

  • Will only poop standing up or perched on the edge like a gargoyle. Has always been that way and has never been able to properly use a cat box that has a cover on it.

  • Enjoys playing fetch and considers any plush cat toys (or even my small stuffed animals) his "babies". He takes turns bringing one of them to bed, puts them in the food bowl so they can eat, by the water bowl & litterbox (he's learned if he puts the toy INSIDE the water bowl or litterbox there then the toy gets thrown out).

  • Doesn't really meow…it's more of a high-pitched "beep beep!". Such intimidation. Much scary. Very wow.

  • Scores 1/10 in terms of classic cat balance and coordination. Often jumps into unopened windows and falls over when butt wiggling in hunting mode.

  • Strictly fights with his face. He never bites humans (a lover, not a fighter) so how do I know this? Well, one time he battled a big wolf spider in my house (size of a wiffleball) only using his bite - imagine me on the sidelines yelling "USE YOUR HANDS! YOU HAVE CLAWS! WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO FIGHT?!" Note: He won the fight but it was painful to watch.


Duke of Tiny Balls AKA Piggy Piggy

Pure bred Persian, the offspring of a family friend's cat. His parents live down the street so I've watched him and his siblings grow up starting from when they were weeks old. His "official" name is Duke, but he's such a pig pen that I started calling him "Piggy Piggy" and now that's all he responds too (whoops). He loves to roll around in dirt (literally rolls around in swept up dirt piles) and has no interest in self-grooming. He's also known as Duke of Tiny Balls as his veterinarian once thought he only had one ball, but upon further examination it turns out he has two (with one being super tiny). He also spends ALL DAY eating, meaning his face is always crusty but his cuteness level is off-the-charts so he gets away with it. Honestly, he literally looks like a stuffed animal…and kinda like Einstein. He purrs EXTREMELY loudly when anyone has food, not just because he wants/begs for some, but when he fails at begging, he just loves to watch another person eat and lives vicariously through you. He eats everything from kitten food to adult cat food to pizza to FREAKING DOG FOOD. He can't be stopped, luckily he has an iron stomach. He constantly makes me laugh and I truly admire his IDGAF attitude toward life.


Duchess AKA Girly Girl

Piggy's twin sister, she's an independent woman who doesn't need any humans…well, except when she decides she wants attention in which case she just yells randomly until someone goes and pets her (such a diva). She's the picture definition of a "hot mess", her bulging eyes and curling whiskers always making me laugh. She's dainty, loves to nap in luxurious places, and (unlike Piggy) isn't very food motivated. She's the sweetest thing, purring SO loud when she gets to sit next to her favorite guy (Wyatt) or snuggled up in bed with her human at night. P.S. when she was a baby, her whole (flat) face would get COVERED in food, so after every feeding I'd get to swaddle her in a small towel and give her a little facial/bath - yes that's her swaddled in a towel in the pictures below and NOT a Gremlin that got wet lol.


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