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Hello, world! Is this thing on?

I'm a math and science person. I'm not so great with the flowery words and lean more toward facts and figures. Yes, go ahead and judge my grammar/writing just please don't tell me on every post - I am very aware of this weakness of mine. I'm socially awkward, scatterbrained, and often too blunt - yet here I go making a blog anyway. I don't enjoy being vulnerable. I don’t think anyone does unless it's for some kind of personal gain. In my case, it's a combination of accountability, reflection, advocation, and knowledge.

Fear always accompanies the joy of sharing, in my experience. Whether it's fear of being seen as "too negative", "too academic", "too whiney", "too ungrateful", "too random" - whatever, it's always been immobilizing. Here I am, leaning into the wind and sharing myself with all of you reading this.

Over the past few years, self reflection and therapy has been the one thing that's helped me step back from society to view traits about myself in black and white - not just "issues" and "disabilities" as society may label them. So get ready for a blog that's a hodgepodge of funny anecdotes, harsh realities, heartwarming tales, medical mysteries, advocation/research, and with (thanks to my ADHD) some cute animals, hilarious memes, big questions, and scientific facts sprinkled in.

Lastly, I see this as a learning/sharing opportunity for both me and my readers. Be engaged, ask questions, educate others, share ideas - all with respect. Fun Fact: I read memoirs and autobiographies because I realize I don't know and haven't experienced all that life has to offer. I really am here to learn from my readers as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Hope to see some of you stick around for the rest of the blog. *deep breath* Let's do this (blog) thing!

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