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New & Recent Diagnosis

Two years ago, at 25 years old, I bought what every young woman desires - a walker. I went from a successful, independent, mobile woman to a feeble, pain-riddled, 80-year-old woman completely dependent on my family for daily care and support. There were days I needed the walker to simply get around the house and would have to pull myself up the stairs with my upper body or have a family member pick me up.

In addition to my quickly degrading health, I also had the pleasure of seeing many, many doctors - almost all of which had terrifying theories but no concrete answers.

"Maybe you have early onset Parkinson's or MS. The tests are coming up negative but it could be too early to tell." "They look like tremors but we're really not sure what that is so good luck!" "Try these addictive pain medications, even if the others haven't helped"

I'm EXTREMELY grateful for my family support system and for my mother,

who fought and advocated with me every day. A few months ago, I received

the correct diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder and after months of

intense therapy, I'm able to walk on my own and work full-time. Although

there's no cure, I'm cultivating the tools to deal with the life-impeding

symptoms and have a future full of hope and more certainty.

Here's to Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Awareness Day 2022

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