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TODAY: Achievement Unlocked

Words can’t express the emotions involved with this bittersweet moment

Today, after 3 intense months, I had my last VR therapy session to address my recent FND diagnosis. While there’s no cure for FND, with the tools I’ve learned in these sessions I finally feel confident in my ability to (hopefully soon) live a successful, independent, adventure-filled, mobile life.

Three months ago, my daily life regularly consisted of extreme pain untouched by pain medications, the inability to walk, frequent falls, severe hand tremors, slurred speech, narcolepsy episodes, dissociative episodes, migraines, and the need for a round-the-clock caretaker.

Today, I’m off all of my pain medication and most days have zero or very minor, short-lasting symptoms. While I still have bad, debilitating days, with each day I get stronger and am finally starting to string together a few good days at a time. It’s going to be a daily battle with a long recovery and potential relapses, but for the first time ever I KNOW that I am stronger than FND.

*more details (possibly a blog post) to follow with details about my VR therapy*

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